Monday, April 30, 2012

The weekend provided a what can only be termed a Danskgasm....Mr. Atomic Moxie came up to me with the 802 4 duck IHQ Dansk teak tray. My heart skipped a beat as he turned it over and I saw that it was in fact the vintage one. It is in remarkable shape and I still can't take my eyes off of just has to be a woman with lines like it has. We found a few Hull items, I am very found of the sitting duck dutch oven (I love how that sounds..."where is the pot roast dear?'s in the sitting duck")
Then the question of the season may very well be...Why oh why can't she stay away from vintage ashtrays??? I really must stop even looking at them.Sadly I didn't buy the Blenko candle holders because I just didn't trust myself that they were in fact Blenko...they were:( I really need to brush up on my mid century glass.Anyone have a good resource for this???
I must buckle down and get our new goodies cleaned and polished for their photos....I can almost hear the tray say " All right, Mr. Bergman, I'm ready for my close-up"... to paraphrase that great Grand Dame in Sunset Boulevard.
How was your weekend? Yes, I really do want to know.


  1. Gorgeous tray - I have one like it and love it. I have been drawn to vintage ashtrays lately too. I think glassware is one of the hardest things to identify correctly.

  2. Vintage Hunter I am sorry I missed your comment...Glass really is so difficult. I am getting a tiny bit better but have a long way to go.