Monday, April 30, 2012

The weekend provided a what can only be termed a Danskgasm....Mr. Atomic Moxie came up to me with the 802 4 duck IHQ Dansk teak tray. My heart skipped a beat as he turned it over and I saw that it was in fact the vintage one. It is in remarkable shape and I still can't take my eyes off of just has to be a woman with lines like it has. We found a few Hull items, I am very found of the sitting duck dutch oven (I love how that sounds..."where is the pot roast dear?'s in the sitting duck")
Then the question of the season may very well be...Why oh why can't she stay away from vintage ashtrays??? I really must stop even looking at them.Sadly I didn't buy the Blenko candle holders because I just didn't trust myself that they were in fact Blenko...they were:( I really need to brush up on my mid century glass.Anyone have a good resource for this???
I must buckle down and get our new goodies cleaned and polished for their photos....I can almost hear the tray say " All right, Mr. Bergman, I'm ready for my close-up"... to paraphrase that great Grand Dame in Sunset Boulevard.
How was your weekend? Yes, I really do want to know.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thrifting Thursday plus Friday...

We had a great time digging through the shops on Thursday...As usual we found some treasures, some we will be keeping and others will wing their way to TheAtomicMoxie on Etsy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Thrifting Thursday turned out to be a rather good one. 1) Two matching Vintage Vera tablecloths in the most dreamy shade of peachy pink...I believe them to be cool man.2) A Hagn salad bowl set, still can't find too much out about these retro gems.3) A great little linen mat with Tirolean children marching around the perimeter.4) Vintage Metlox Poppytrail Woodland Gold dishes 3 dinner plates, 3 salad plates and 3 bread and butter plates ...Mr. Atomic Moxie is really beginning to get scared here as I seem to be finding so many wonderful dishes and we are running out of room. I can't help myself...I keep seeing friends sitting around our dinner table during different seasons munching good food and having long intense conversations about Kerouac or Proust...hey, in truth it would be about UFO's and Politics, always a fun honest you think some of them ...Politicians that is, not our friends must be aliens.5) A hot pink haired troll doll, not a Dam Thing but hey its a troll and it has hot pink hair...whats not to love.
Peace out Atomic Moxie.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Back Story of Atomic Moxie

Its funny to look back to where your decorating style started. When I first started decorated for myself, everything was MOD black and white. I had the only black bedroom that I knew of...thought my Father would have a coronary when we painted it ( in the end he thought it looked great and showed it off to all of his friends) As I moved from home my style was more BoHo with a bit of Gypsy thrown in for good measure...hey it was the 70's, what can I say. Once I was finally out on my own style turned first to Art Deco and then to Victorian...that seems like and odd jump looking back at it...and to this day I am not sure how it happened other than it involved a trip to Mexico during a terrible Ohio winter. And then Shabby Chic hit and I found my home. Not so much in the pastel colors or the painting of antique furniture ( oh the horrors of that!!! I blame both Martha Stewart and Rachel Ashwell ) But what it opened up for my was a way of using multiple patterns and blending different styles...I created my own style  that I termed Shabby Chateau, with rich colors, torn and frayed fabrics mixed with plenty or rusty goodness. I lived happily with this style for years. Enter stage right Patrick with the sensibilities of a former Marine and somehow my 30 pillows on the bed and all the feminine patterns just felt wrong. We talked about it and decided that since we are both Mid Century models ourselves that we would decorate in that style. Now I blend my love of mixed patterns and styles with mid century lines.
We have had so much fun digging through dusty stores and garages that we wanted to share some of it with others ( truth be told we are running out of us:)...please. So we opened an ETSY store The Atomic Moxie, named after our cat.
Along the way I will be posting some decorating ideas too.
Oh, and Patrick wanted me to tell you that we still have too many pillows on the bed. Silly man:)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Thrifting Thursday

Once again Ohio's weather seems to be oh so very fickle...I am freezing to death. The cold did not stop Atomic Moxies hunt for Mid Century goodies. We had stopped having much luck in our local mid century hideout, but something made us make the trek nonetheless...and boy am I glad we did. I felt that I had made the find of the century...three pieces of Corning Ware Buffet Servers in MINT condition ( mint as in never had been used) These beauties were made in the 1960's---1964 to be precise. I had dreams of hosting chic dinner parties with fabulous vinyl playing in the background...but the male half of Atomic Moxie put his foot down; and I quote "We do not need anymore Mid Century serving pieces..we never entertain" and I pouting loudly did have to agree with him. So my lost fantasy can be your gain, the 3 piece set will be listed on Etsy tonight. But never fear I shall be playing Frank Sinatra in the background and I may very well eat a canape.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goodies from Thrifting Thursday

I just love finding pieces that we need to complete sets. This is the cream and sugar to our Taylor Smith & Taylor set we use for Thanksgiving... It's called Autumn Harvest.They even had the relish dish..swoon.
We found some treasures that will make their way to AtomicMoxie on Etsy.
We also hit a couple of garage sales this week...not much out there just yet, but hope springs eternal. Its hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner, we did find a couple of cut glass bowls that will look charming on the table with colored eggs in them. If I had more time I would grow some fast growing grass in them and then place the eggs in the nest,mmm... I wonder if it would grow fast enough to make it for Easter. I guess I had better hop to it:)