Thursday, September 27, 2012

It rained most of the day...And I couldn't be happier.

I am one of those odd ducks that truly loves a rainy day. There is something so peaceful about a nice steady rain...truth be told I also love a good storm. Not that I ever want anyone to get hurt or lose anything important...but just hearing thunder causes my heart to do a little dance and my soul to fly around doing twirls. Being of Swedish decent the Thor lover in me just can't help myself. Slap horns on my head and throw a fur over my shoulder and call me Gustavia. This summer we have had few precious days of rain..personally I think it has made everyone down right grumpy. With all this talk about the impending bacon shortage or porkpocalypse ( perhaps the Mayans were right after all and its all coming to an end due to lack of bacon; as good a reason as any I suppose. So huzzah for this glorious Fall rainy day today!

Today was also Thrifting Thursday so out we went into the haze of this Fall day and came home empty handed. The only thing I found did give me pause because I find it nearly impossible to not buy anything that is vintage Dansk. The Mesa pattern just doesn't speak to me, so I left it behind. In hopes  that someone that loves Dansk as much as I do stumbles upon it and hits the proverbial mother-load of riches. As Mr. Atomic Moxie and I left the thrift store we decided that today needed coffee and a blueberry muffin ... it wasn't a total loss, How was your thrifting today?

Monday, September 24, 2012

OMG Cathrineholm!!!!

I am still finding it hard to believe that we found three pieces of Cathrineholm today and then I found another one last week....if you have never searched for these rare beauties in the might equate it with finding white tigers walking down main street. If I had the room I would be keeping all of them, but as I don't...I shall be sharing them on AtomicMoxie our Etsy shop. I will think of it as catch and release:-)  Also found some great Metlox pieces...I have always been drawn to the Navajo pattern. Last but not least a Taylor & Ng naughty elephant mug. My Mother bought me the bunny one while I was in College and my boyfriend at the time broke it...I still mourn it:-(
What a great way to start the Fall season! So, what have you guys found lately? Come on don't be shy....I really do want to know.
Atomic Moxie
This week I linked to Coloradolady's Vintage Thingies Thursday.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heller Mania

We haven't been searching for goodies in awhile...sad Atomic Moxie :( But we made up for it with this Heller haul. These are the first Heller Vignelli's that I have found. All of these beauties will be in the Etsy shop this week. Also found a couple of Dansk plastic pieces, sadly one had a crack that I didn't it will become an outside planter for hens and chicks ( I will show a picture once I get it planted.
So, what have you found out there? We should be back to our usual hunting this week...fingers crossed I really miss it.