Friday, July 27, 2012

Not your Mothers Pencil Sharpener

Just look at that turquoise cool it burns. Boy, they just don't make them like this anymore, swear I could see this beauty on Mike Brady's desk on the Brady Bunch. It will be buzzing its way to our Etsy shop on Saturday. I found the circa 60s Arabia of Finland jam jars a bit ago but forgot to show them off. Everything about them makes me smile...Just imagine what they have seen. I really love the lines of all of these goodies...sleek and oh so clean. As you can see I found more teak, I am beginning to have a teak problem:) Mr. Atomic Moxie teases me about it all the time. Next time I will have to show off some of those goodies.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Right here in black and white

What a hot day it was for thrifting...could only hit two stores. We went early this week because Mr. Atomic Moxie will be away for part of the week. Of course I doubt that will keep me away from thrifting Thursday:-)
This adventure turned out to be in black and white...had to choose from so many black and white items...wonder if it was due to the heat? the barbed wire goth!  Hey, I was Goth before it was cool or vampires sparkled...oh the horror of that. I'm enchanted by the spines on the white Italian vase and the black vase is Hyalyn something I've never found before.
Get a load of the very cool eyeball lamp...can't you just see that in a Danish mid century home? I know I can:-) Georges Briard,Danish stainless and a nautical ice bucket...oh my:-) So what did you find this week? I really want to know.