Monday, April 9, 2012

The Back Story of Atomic Moxie

Its funny to look back to where your decorating style started. When I first started decorated for myself, everything was MOD black and white. I had the only black bedroom that I knew of...thought my Father would have a coronary when we painted it ( in the end he thought it looked great and showed it off to all of his friends) As I moved from home my style was more BoHo with a bit of Gypsy thrown in for good measure...hey it was the 70's, what can I say. Once I was finally out on my own style turned first to Art Deco and then to Victorian...that seems like and odd jump looking back at it...and to this day I am not sure how it happened other than it involved a trip to Mexico during a terrible Ohio winter. And then Shabby Chic hit and I found my home. Not so much in the pastel colors or the painting of antique furniture ( oh the horrors of that!!! I blame both Martha Stewart and Rachel Ashwell ) But what it opened up for my was a way of using multiple patterns and blending different styles...I created my own style  that I termed Shabby Chateau, with rich colors, torn and frayed fabrics mixed with plenty or rusty goodness. I lived happily with this style for years. Enter stage right Patrick with the sensibilities of a former Marine and somehow my 30 pillows on the bed and all the feminine patterns just felt wrong. We talked about it and decided that since we are both Mid Century models ourselves that we would decorate in that style. Now I blend my love of mixed patterns and styles with mid century lines.
We have had so much fun digging through dusty stores and garages that we wanted to share some of it with others ( truth be told we are running out of us:)...please. So we opened an ETSY store The Atomic Moxie, named after our cat.
Along the way I will be posting some decorating ideas too.
Oh, and Patrick wanted me to tell you that we still have too many pillows on the bed. Silly man:)

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