Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Well, we meet again...

Well, we meet again...swear I must be the worst blogger known to man or beast.
It seems like the time is just flying by...more-so than usual. This year hasn't been a stellar one for Chez Atomic Moxie, sadly we have lost a couple of family members , had a couple of set backs but just like a Timex watch we have taken a beating but we are still ticking.

I am still not sure just what I want this blog to be...
  1. A blog about questing for Mid Century goodies
  2. A blog on how we are creating an On-Line small business for ourselves.
  3. A How To to start a business, survive retirement etc
  4. A blog that shows us at our quirky best or worst for that matter
More than anything I enjoy connecting and helping if I can, hey I was a Regional Trainer for more years than I like to admit so its sort of in the blood.

I love sharing our finds with all of you...even the quirky little scenarios I make up about the pieces ( before you ask I picked that up from my Mother...stick with this blog and you will hear more about her, she was amazing)

What do you think? I know you read a lot of blogs and we are just one more in the big pool...but I really would like you hear your opinions. I need you!

You also need to tell you about Naked Ken.


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