Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The wise old owl says...Hoo loves Dansk???

Mr. Atomic Moxie and I have been out and about this last week . can't say we have found too many items but just enough to give me something to research and fall in love with...I have a very soft spot in my heart for all things Dansk, I am sure that this harkens back to my Mothers influence. I can remember going into every Dansk store we came across and looking at all the goodies in teak. Sadly I didn't really appreciate them at the time...now they take my breath away. The teak just sings and the light plays off the subtle color variations like the stone tigers eye. Can you hear me swooning?
So I spied a teak ice bucket and tray...scooping them up, I know Mr. Atomic Moxie is afraid that they will become a permanent fixture taking up housekeeping right next to the candlesticks I just refuse to sell. He just doesn't understand the deep passion I have for them...Do any of you have the same problem?
Pretty sure the ice bucket will be up for sale in the Etsy shop tomorrow...not so sure about the tray:)

Now onto the coolest bank I have run across...A Deforest of California wise old owl bank that stands 12" high and weighs almost 4 pounds...I am so smitten. The wise one wears spectacles and a very charming cap. From my research I have found that it is rather rare and its in fabulous condition. Hard to believe that it hasn't been broken during all of these years. Deforest pottery was only in existence for 20 years 1950-1970. Without further ado...here is the charmer.
 Hoot on Ebay

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  1. Such an awesome find!!!! Hoot Hoot : ) thanks for sharing! hugs...

  2. Your owl looks really funny.