Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Florida Dreaming Of Days Gone By

The Universe must be trying to tell me to head South for the winter...I keep finding fabulous vintage goodies that remind me of the good old days in Florida. First up two vintage hand tinted framed photos. I just love the dreamy quality that they have. Wouldn't you just love to be there? Florida Hand Tinted Photo
 Next on the trail I found two great serving trays, Just look at the decoration on the ceramic Chip-n-Dip all hand painted...what a retro goodie this one is. Find this beauty here: Retro Chip-n-Dip
 Just look at the great mid Century lines of this Grainware Tray...this is a first for me, and I though long and hard before putting in my Etsy store...but truth be told I am running out of room and really don't want to fall into the hoarder category. It can be found here: Abaca Grainware Tray
And as if the Universe needed to hit me over the head I found these amazing purple vintage American Tourister train case and carry-on. Ok, I get it I need to be somewhere warm, but until I do these dolls are available for you in AtomicMoxie: Vintage Purple American Tourister

Just cannot believe that it is getting so close to Christmas. We did get the tree up, finally....I do think that doing that with another person...insert here...a male type person... Can cause stress of epic proportions. Don't even get me started about how each person places ornaments on the tree. I grew up in a family that really thought about the placement of each light, ornament and icicle. We worried about depth and did the light play off the color just right,,,,Patrick not so much:) Let us just say that we survived...perhaps adult beverages might have helped.
How are you guys doing with your Holiday decorations?

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