Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I may just have a problem, and I blame Thomas Edison

Just a little over 1 year ago I had such a hard time finding lamps that I forward to October 2012 and I now live with 10 vintage lamps in my apartment...sigh. Each one of the cuties seems to have a personality of its own. But I may really have a problem; as we don't really need that many lamps in our small pseudo atomic me, Please.
 I just need to decide which ones I am going to keep and which cuties I will share with someone else who will love them. The new vintage Hamilton Industries black and silver lamp really is just too cool for words ( little thing really should be wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers really is that cool) It has silver feet and a funky knob that allows to to raise or lower the lamp from its feet...see I told you it was cool.

Things have been dry around our Columbus for a few weeks hope this find breaks the spell. Had to pass on a cracked David Stewart turtle planter...insert sad face here. Did find another Couroc tray...I think am drawn to them because I would give anything to live in Monterey California ( shh I haven't told Mr. atomic Moxie that yet...we will keep that just between us...wink)
Just had to share some of them with you:) So what have you been finding?

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  1. There have not many sales here lately, so I have not found anything. Both of the lamps are great. I like the little fellow standing by them too.

  2. Love the lamps! Good luck to you in your online ventures! Cheers!

  3. What a great collection! You can find great retro stuff.. just takes some digging! Looks like you found some nuggets! Happy VTT!

  4. Those lamps are so neat! Perfect accents, and great when you need just a little focused lighting :) And I love anything with that retro mustardy-brown color.
    Happy VTT!

  5. Thank you...I am really drawn to that color as just seems to soothe the soul:)

  6. Thank you Antiques and Teacups...Its the digging I enjoy...and the rescuing.

  7. Thank you Crystal I really appreciate that:)

  8. Thank you LV I love him too...I have loved Trolls since I first spied one in 1966. Oh dear I am giving away my age:)

  9. I love the one with the funky knob! Pretty cool! Thank you for sharing at Cap Creations. May you have a wonderful week.

  10. Thank you...O agree the knob just makes it too cool for school:) Hope your week was great too