Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hawks...Chemex and Lions...Oh My...

Large Blenko Leo Sun Catcher

I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted on my poor blog:( no excuse, time just seems to be flying away from me...must be the time of year. Also the pickings have been rather slim of pick up a bit this last week. We found a glorious Blenko Zodiac sun catcher Leo the lion, the lion is so mod I just think it is too cute for the only Leo I know was my Father I will let this one go so someone else may enjoy his splendor ( he really does have to be a boy...just look at his face)
 Mr. Atomic Moxie found the vintage new in box (NIB) Chemex coffee pot from 1975 complete with manuals and all paperwork, green printed bottom and footed...this beauty will be winging its way to Ebay Atomicmoxietoo.

Beware Chemex elbow:)
Chemex coffee pots always make me think of my Mother and her Chemex elbow...some Mothesr get tennis elbow but not mine she used her Chemex so much her elbow actually was injured from the pouring of the water.. The day we started out on our quest to find some vintage goodies a huge hawk landed on the patio not three feet from me...he was amazing and looked right at me, called out and then flew away...somehow I felt that my parents were watching over finding a Leo sun catcher and a Chemex in the same day just reaffirmed my feeling about that. I am still smiling.
We also found a few other goodies.. What did you find this week?

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  1. I love the LEO swag. Gorgeous scores all-around :)

  2. Love the Chemex and the story about your mom. I was watching Nashville the other night and one of the characters had a Chemex on their stovetop.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you Van...I was very pleased with the scores...its been dry for awhile here:)

  4. Thanks Erica, it was fun to remember and to share, If you haven't tried coffee made in a try one the coffee is amazing.

  5. I like the little cups with the tulips - cute. I have the same blue jar!

  6. Aren't they cute...They are Sealtest cottage cheese containers:) Thanks for stopping by,