Monday, September 24, 2012

OMG Cathrineholm!!!!

I am still finding it hard to believe that we found three pieces of Cathrineholm today and then I found another one last week....if you have never searched for these rare beauties in the might equate it with finding white tigers walking down main street. If I had the room I would be keeping all of them, but as I don't...I shall be sharing them on AtomicMoxie our Etsy shop. I will think of it as catch and release:-)  Also found some great Metlox pieces...I have always been drawn to the Navajo pattern. Last but not least a Taylor & Ng naughty elephant mug. My Mother bought me the bunny one while I was in College and my boyfriend at the time broke it...I still mourn it:-(
What a great way to start the Fall season! So, what have you guys found lately? Come on don't be shy....I really do want to know.
Atomic Moxie
This week I linked to Coloradolady's Vintage Thingies Thursday.


  1. I have never seen a Catherine Holm piece, ever!! But, I sure read about them a lot!!

    1. These were the first for me too Jill and then to find 4 in one week, seems almost unbelievable.