Thursday, June 28, 2012

Growling at the Goodwill outlet...

Spent a great day visiting friends and I just had to make a quick ( I use that term loosely, I'm sure you know what I mean. A quick 15 minutes turned into 3 hours) Hit the Goodwill outlet AKA goodies by the pound. I tend to be a bit reserved about these places...but with the purchase of gloves to dig modest reserve went by the wayside. Wasn't having too much luck. A couple of tablecloths, a cheese board and then they brought out the new stuff ...normally I stay away from that experience like the plague....but it was on a day that wasn't too crowded and I just happened to be right where they brought out the new carts. boxes and boxes of newspaper wrapped dirty dishes, nasty I tell you. But just when I was ready to move away,,,I spied the rim of a Vignelli casserole...3 casseroles with lids, 3 individual ramekins later I moved away to find a few other be honest I think I growled at one person while was digging ( not true but I thought about it:) While the Vignelli wasn't Heller but, rather Chef's Choice I was still more than OK with my haul. 10.00 bucks not a bad day at all, oh and 50 cents for the gloves.

Oh I forgot I also dug in and found a nasty box...out came the cutest set of vintage cups from Japan in pristine condition, I doubt that they have ever been used.
There were a few others goodies too::
Have I told you all just how much I adore Smug Mugs...totally smitten!
Warm syrup anyone?
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  1. I really think you owe your internet friends some photos of the monster Goodwill. I love the smug mug on the right. And those little Japanese mugs delighted me when you showed them to me the first time. If I didn't have so much dishware already I would buy them from you.

  2. I will have to take pictures the next time I hit it...oh the adventure. It really did take me going a few times before the bug hit. The gloves really did help:)

  3. Oh, I like those owl pieces. I've got a couple. I haven't found owl stuff in ages...

  4. Thanks Sir Thrift-A-Lot...They are so cute almost hate to part with them:) I haven't been having much lucky in the owl department either...funny how that goes.